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With skulpt running in the browser, skip the installs and spend more time teaching Python.

import turtle def draw_circle(turtle, color, size, x, y): turtle.penup() turtle.color(color) turtle.fillcolor(color) turtle.goto(x,y) turtle.begin_fill() turtle.end_fill() turtle.pendown() tommy = turtle.Turtle() draw_circle(tommy, "green", 50, 25, 0) draw_circle(tommy, "blue", 50, 0, 0) draw_circle(tommy, "yellow", 50, -25, 0) # Can you change the circles to be your favorite colors?

IPython Notebook Integration

Add IPython Notebooks to combine code execution, text, mathematics, plots and rich media into a single, sharable document.

trinket Supports Teachers

We’re on a mission to increase the connection between teachers and students inside the classroom, starting with Introduction to Programming using Python. We believe that openness is the key to the future of education, since it draws wider access to knowledge, makes our materials better, and brings us together.